Sectoral HEV certification - Working safely on HEV - Level 2 ENGLISH

Training course content

This training course covers the working principles and the structure of the electric propulsion. The potential risks and safety procedures are also discussed in great detail. The emphasis lays on what you must or must not do while working on these vehicles, but also on how you should react in dangerous situations. The use and the inspection procedures of safety equipment and special equipment is another important competence of this training course. An important course aim is that participants understand how to safely shut-down the high-voltage system of hybrid/electric vehicles.

The certificate which is awarded after having followed the training course and having succeeded in the test (both theory and practice) certifies that its holder:

  • understands the general working principles of electric and hybrid electric vehicles;
  • understands the specific risks of working on parts of such driving systems;
  • understands and follows the correct procedures in handling hybrid/electric driving systems.
  • understands how to select and use personal safety equipment and measuring equipment.


The objectives of this training are as follows:

  • Understand the general working principles of electric and hybrid electric vehicles.
  • Distinguish the fields of actions of certified technicians of levels 1, 2 and 3.
  • Identify electric and hybrid electric vehicles and understand their specific risks.
  • Handle electric and hybrid electric vehicles (day-to-day use: start and drive).
  • Correctly assess the risks, understand and follow the right processes in handling electric and hybrid electric vehicles.
  • Safely shut-down the high-voltage system of electric and hybrid electric vehicles.
  • Assess the risks of working on damaged vehicles.

Target group and required prior knowledge

People working on electric and hybrid electric vehicles, also on the high-voltage system or parts of them, provided the vehicles' high-voltage systems were safely shut-down before their activities.

There are several target groups and some aspects of the training will be different regarding their nature (the certification test will always remain the same):

  • mechanics and technicians;
  • vehicle body repairers;
  • roadside assistants.

Required prior knowledge: In order to have access to the training course, participants are to have knowledge of electricity (electrical units, the link between them, the difference between AC and DC currents, etc.).

Didactical aids

This practically-oriented training requires a workshop next to a training room.
Some examples of required equipment:

  • Didactical panels, parts and vehicles.
  • Safety equipment.


People who follow the entire training session are awarded a sectoral certificate of presence.
People who follow the entire training and succeed in the certification tests are also awarded a sectoral certificate of level 2.

    Sectoral certificate of level 2
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    € 485.00 Excl. BTW
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